G. Ceniceros, Material Flow #2

The work of Ceniceros shares a fundamental relationship with its material layers.  Typically the first material pass will reveal a possible direction that will become the focus.  In the case of the Material Flow series the direction is replaced by stream of consciousness and the resulting short lived brush flows.  Intention replaces direction.  The result leans into abstraction and graphics.  The evident flow pairs with the idea of art that is meant to flow in our tangible world and elicit response and discussion.  Material flow #2 .

Ceniceros is a notable Latin American artist with a career that spans over sixty years.  Ceniceros is also a muralist whose works are seen by over half a million people every day.  The legacy of his work is on display at the Guillermo Ceniceros Museo de Arte Moderno in Durango, MX.

Material Flow is a collaboration with HumanArtColab.com

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